Gunna – Gimmick (Mp3 Download)

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Download latest record: Gunna – Gimmick. 


Gunna – Gimmick Mp3 Download. 

This new song was produced by Joe LaPorta, Florian “Flo” Ongonga, Ashley Jackson & Teezio.

On “Gimmick“ by Gunna continues the theme of WUNNA by flexing his fame and calling out haters. Dropping references to designer brands like Balmain, he boasts to his opposers about making it in the rap game.


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This ain’t no motherf**kin’ gimmick (Gimmick)
Win or lose, this ain’t no scrimmage (Scrimmage)

Balmain my shoes and my fitted (Damn)
Damn you f**kboys and you critics (Damn you f**kboys)

Got the trap jumpin’ like crickets (Crickets)
Lambo’ truck look like it’s kitted (Kitted)


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Load it up, hit the block, spin it (Load it up)
Loyal to my dawgs, we committed (‘Mitted)



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