How Journalists Have Helped To Reduce Cyber Crimes In Society – Internet Safety Advocate, Onadipe Reveals

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Internet Safety Advocate, Rotimi Onadipe

An advocate of internet safety based in Ibadan Oyo State, Mr. Rotimi Onadipe has commended the efforts of journalists for their roles in reducing cyber crimes and online abuse among youths and the society at large through the publication of his articles on internet safety.

Rotimi Onadipe has written and published several articles on internet safety to inform, guide and educate internet users globally on how to stay safe online and avoid online risks e.g. cyber crimes, social media addiction, pornography addiction, online gaming addiction, among others.

Onadipe, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Onadipe Technologies and Founder, Internet Safety Magazine said his published articles on internet safety had gone viral on the internet and he had received calls and emails from different parts of the world from people who almost fell victim to online scams but were more enlightened after reading his articles online and contacted him for proper counseling.

He disclosed this to journalists in Ibadan during an awareness campaign on internet safety to educate the public about the importance of creating awareness about online safety from time to time.

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“I must confess that journalists have helped our society so much in reducing online dangers through their publications. People contacted me from different parts of the world and told me they read my articles on internet safety in some news websites.

They shared their experiences on internet fraud with me. I counseled them and they were able to avoid falling victim to internet fraud and other online dangers.”

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“Who knows what would have happened to many of these unsuspecting victims if they had not read those articles on internet safety that were published by the journalists?

“We are all aware of the great damage which the menace of online abuse, particularly cybercrime had caused to many lives and our society at large. Many victims have attempted suicide, many teenagers have been killed while a lot of youths have been jailed for various internet related offences around the world.”

“We must be informed that the main reason for the prevalence of cyber crimes among our youths and society at large in today’s digital age is because most internet users have little or no knowledge about internet safety.”

“As technology advances every day, online abuse also increases but our greatest weapon against cyber crimes and cyber criminals in today’s technology age is awareness and education about internet safety.”

“This of course, can only be more effective through the efforts of journalists. Journalists are really doing great job in the fight against online abuse among youths and our society at large and we must commend them for their efforts.” Onadipe added.

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