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Lukas Graham doing what he knows best on his latest music effort, “Lie”.

The song co-produced by Jussifer and Red Triangle is a narrative of an ex-lover who can’t get over what she’s lost but can’t admit it.

On “Lie”, Lukas dwells on the common love incident of moving on with the wrong person and ending up with regrets that one ever left. These are a whole bunch of lies we often tell – that we’re fine now but deep inside, we wish things were different.


Quotable Lyrics:

Isn’t it, isn’t it something
Whenever you touch him

You don’t feel nothing?
Isn’t it something

How quickly your honesty
Just turn into make-believe?
It turns into make-believe

Dare you, li-i-i-ie
To my fa-a-ace

You can’t sa-a-ay
You’re fine no-o-o-ow






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