Monica ft. Lil Baby – Trenches

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Monica ft. Lil Baby Trenches

Monica joined forces with Lil Baby to present this new track titled “Trenches”.


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This is another masterpiece single record by Monica ft. Lil Baby – Trenches.


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Monica – Trenches ft. Lil Baby Lyrics

Verse 1:

Love is what you make it
I’ll give you my heart if you promise that you won’t break it

I’ma keep it real with everyone, it ain’t no fakin’
I was tryna give it to you, you was tryna take it

And you cannot run from reality, gotta face it
I been tryna do everything for you to just make it

Don’t care what people say, especially when they talk crazy
Don’t play with me, I’m Baby


I’m watching in plain view, you caught up, entangled
In the web of the world, I wish I could save you

Deep down, you’re an angel, but street life, it trained you
Now listen to your girl

Don’t let the game keep playin’ you


Verse 2

Take a breather nice and slow
I know it feel like they got they eyes on the score

While you balanced on tightrope
Tryna get the crib you and I can go to

Come and smell the roses (Roses)
You can have it all if you focus (Yeah)

House, feel it flowing lovely
But first thing, you gotta trust me, yeah


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Baby, when the hype get cold
Superficial people in your life get ghost

Same ones say, “I’ll hit you right back, bro”
Told you they wasn’t on the right track, so

But I kinda like that, though
Ain’t no distraction, get your sight back, yo

I think you wanna fight back, so
Let me shut up, I’m talking in circles

Chorus Again

(Gang, gang, gang)

(Gang, gang, gang)
(Gang, gang, gang)

Verse 3:

Something I adopted (Yeah)
If they won’t bust an eighth, then they flip like an omelet (Flip)

Environment toxic (Yeah)
I can’t breathe, haters make me nauseous, ew

Hit the Gucci office (Yeah)
Get a couple outfits, bags, and the boxes (Yeah)

Find him in the comments
While we shine like diamonds, yeah


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Pre-Chorus and Chorus Again

(Gang, gang, gang)

(Gang, gang, gang)

Verse 4:

Mama told you don’t go down that road
Brother told me, “Don’t tell on your bros” (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Sister told me never trust these hoes
And these niggas just as bad, I’ll never trust a soul

I heard you been playin’ with your nose
You know that type shit against the code

You know you was supposed to be strong
You know glitter ain’t gold, what the fuck is goin’ on?

Lil D them tryna get back they life, they coming home
The lawyer gotta keep it a buck, don’t steer me wrong (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

They came and got G5 from the pent’ from off his phone
And it’s crazy ’cause this time he ain’t even do nothin’ wrong

Talkin’ chills
Every sin is answered with an appeal, fuck a deal

I’ll go down in history being real, never squeal (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Never played the victim and I probably never will
I just wish that you was here


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