Rivalz & TNK MusiQ – Dedela ft 2woshort

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Rivalz & TNK MusiQ - Dedela ft 2woshort

Rivalz & TNK MusiQ – Dedela ft 2woshort Mp3 Download.


Rivalz & TNK MusiQ Drop Infectious Beat with ‘Dedela’ ft 2woshort. 

Rivalz & TNK MusiQ have set the music scene ablaze with their latest release, ‘Dedela’ featuring the dynamic artist 2woshort. The track, a fusion of vibrant beats and infectious rhythms, has quickly become a sensation among music enthusiasts.

From the moment the song begins, listeners are transported into a world of pulsating melodies and captivating vocals. The seamless collaboration between Rivalz, TNK MusiQ, and 2woshort is evident, creating a synergy that elevates the entire musical experience.

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‘Dedela’ is a testament to the artists’ creativity and versatility, blending various elements of Afrobeat and contemporary sounds to craft a unique and unforgettable piece. The catchy hooks and energetic tempo make it an instant favorite for those seeking a tune to groove to.

Moreover, 2woshort’s contribution to the track adds a distinct flavor, complementing the already compelling composition by Rivalz & TNK MusiQ. The chemistry between the artists shines through, adding depth and charisma to every verse and chorus.

This release reaffirms Rivalz & TNK MusiQ’s position as innovative forces in the music industry, showcasing their ability to consistently deliver tracks that resonate with a global audience. ‘Dedela’ not only entertains but also invites listeners on a musical journey that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

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As ‘Dedela’ continues to make waves across streaming platforms, it solidifies itself as a must-have addition to any playlist, promising to keep the party vibes alive and listeners captivated.

In essence, ‘Dedela’ stands as a testament to the creative prowess of Rivalz, TNK MusiQ, and 2woshort, serving as a reminder of the boundless possibilities that emerge when talented artists come together to create magic.

This new song, Rivalz & TNK MusiQ – Dedela ft 2woshort is ready and available for free download in mp3 format below.



Rivalz & TNK MusiQ – Dedela ft 2woshort : DOWNLOAD MP3

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