The Bizarre Mistake Made By A Chilean Boxing Referee

Boxing is another incredibly exciting sport. You can start to bet Nigeria now – features plenty of events from this sport being played all over the world. Besides the boxers themselves, the referees are an extremely important part of these matches. Their decisions can have a huge impact on the outcome of an event of this kind.

On the 30th of November 1985, in the city of Santiago, Chile, a very important boxing match was going to take place. Whenever important boxing matches are held, visit 1xBet Nigeria to bet on them now and win. The contenders were Cardenio Ulloa and Benito Badilla. Both of them had been contenders for the World Boxing Association title a few years prior. As such, they were the two best boxers in Chile.

For this reason, although there was no formal title in dispute, this match was widely expected by all Chilean fans.


The Bizarre Mistake Made By A Chilean Boxing Referee


The Chilean “fight of the century”

The fight began quite evenly. Visit to wager on all kinds of boxing matches that take place, whether they are even or one-sided. Neither Badilla nor Ulloa seemed to take lots of advantages from the other.

As the rounds progressed, the punches started to become more hard, and the spectators began to be more excited about what they were seeing. The 1xBet online bookmaker is the absolute best website for wagering on lots of boxing matches from different categories. After a few rounds, one of the most bizarre moments in the history of Chilean boxing took place.

“Stop, stop, pare, pare”

Later in the match, both boxers were “hugging” each other. While embraced, they began to hit each other with strikes that were outside of what was allowed by the rules. A fantastic virtual betting site is 1xBet, and it has a fully-fledged section that all boxing fans can visit to place highly profitable wagers.

During this “hug”, the referee Luis Comte approached both fighters and said “stop, stop, pare, pare”. In Spanish language, the word “pare” means “stop”. Therefore, the referee effectively told both fighters to “stop” a total of four times. After this, the following events quickly happened:

Cardenio Ulloa lowered his guard, as after all, he had been told to stop;
Benito Badilla took advantage of this situation and hit him hard on his head;
and incredibly, Comte declared Badilla as the winner of the match by knockout.

The 1xBet virtual betting site is a platform that also allows punters to wager on knockout decisions. A reporter asked Luis Comte after the match why he said this phrase. Incredibly, he denied the occurrence. However, everybody heard “stop, stop, pare, pare”. Even in the TV broadcast and in videos that can be found on the Internet, this phrase is clearly heard.

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