Lowbass Djy & Skroef 28 – Bounced

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Lowbass Djy & Skroef 28 - Bounced

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Lowbass Djy & Skroef 28 Drop Infectious New Amapiano Track “Bounced”

Lowbass Djy and Skroef 28, two rising stars in the amapiano scene, have just released their latest single, “Bounced.” This energetic track showcases the duo’s signature sound, blending deep, pulsating basslines with rhythmic percussion and smooth, hypnotic melodies.

“Bounced” captures the essence of amapiano, a genre that originated in South Africa and has taken the global music scene by storm. The song’s infectious beat and catchy hooks are designed to get listeners moving, whether on the dance floor or in their own living rooms. Lowbass Djy and Skroef 28 masterfully layer complex rhythms and atmospheric synths, creating a sound that is both modern and rooted in traditional South African house music.

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Fans of the genre will appreciate the meticulous production and the duo’s ability to innovate while staying true to the core elements of amapiano. “Bounced” is more than just a track; it’s an experience that invites everyone to feel the rhythm and enjoy the groove.

With “Bounced,” Lowbass Djy and Skroef 28 solidify their place in the amapiano movement, promising more exciting releases in the future. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the genre, this track is a must-listen and a testament to the evolving soundscape of South African music.


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