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Download new music: Offset – Bad Like Mike. 


Offset – Bad Like Mike Mp3 Download. 

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Notable Lyrics:

You know I’m bad like Mike (I’m bad)
I’m watching, I’m plottin’, I snipe (I’m watchin’)

These bitches, they tricky, they sheisty (Thots)
The racks give police a vice (Racks)

I’m ballin’, Ginobili, goodnight (Ball)
Broke niggas, move, you trife (Move)


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Ice, ice, yikes (Ay, ay, ay, ay)
You hear the pipes

Move through the water, splash (Splash)
Had to cross the border with the bags (Hoo)

Hoes’ll get the sticks with the mags (Brr, brr)
Point the choppers at the police badge (Bow)

Coming out the grass
I don’t smoke the OG, I pass (Pass it)

Add up the digits, do math (Add it up, add it up)
Count up the bag real fast (Bag)



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