Soa Mattrix – Thelela Ft. Dinky Kunene, Sipho Magudulela, Tribal Soul & DeSoul

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Soa Mattrix - Iskhathi ft. Bassie, Happy Jazzman & Faith Strings

Soa Mattrix – Thelela Ft. Dinky Kunene, Sipho Magudulela, Tribal Soul & DeSoul Mp3 Download.


Soa Mattrix Enchants with New Amapiano Hit “Thelela” Featuring Dinky Kunene, Sipho Magudulela, Tribal Soul & DeSoul

South African music producer Soa Mattrix is back with another sensational Amapiano track, “Thelela.” This time, he’s joined forces with an impressive lineup of collaborators, including the soulful vocals of Dinky Kunene and Sipho Magudulela, as well as the dynamic musical talents of Tribal Soul and DeSoul. The result is a mesmerizing blend of rhythms and melodies that highlights the best of the Amapiano genre.

“Thelela” opens with an inviting piano melody that sets the tone for the track. Dinky Kunene’s enchanting voice adds depth and emotion, drawing listeners into the song’s captivating groove. Sipho Magudulela complements her with his rich, powerful vocals, creating a soulful duet that enhances the song’s impact.

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Tribal Soul and DeSoul’s contributions bring a vibrant, rhythmic energy to the track, with intricate beats and percussive elements that are sure to get listeners moving. Soa Mattrix’s production expertise shines through, balancing all these elements seamlessly to create a cohesive and memorable listening experience.

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“Thelela” is a testament to Soa Mattrix’s ability to craft Amapiano tracks that resonate with audiences, blending traditional South African sounds with modern influences. This collaboration is a must-listen for Amapiano enthusiasts and those new to the genre, showcasing the genre’s unique fusion of deep basslines, lively melodies, and soulful vocals.

Listeners are already praising “Thelela” for its infectious rhythm and memorable vocal performances. The track is expected to climb the charts and become a staple in Amapiano playlists worldwide. Soa Mattrix, Dinky Kunene, Sipho Magudulela, Tribal Soul, and DeSoul have undoubtedly delivered a hit that will leave fans eagerly anticipating their next musical endeavors.


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