Americans Drag Mihlali Ndamase for Thinking She is More Beautiful Than Rihanna

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Americans drag Mihlali Ndamase for thinking she is more beautiful than Rihanna

Mihlali Ndamase Faces Backlash for Allegedly Attempting to Outshine Rihanna in Photo. 


South African beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase recently found herself at the center of controversy after sharing a photograph taken with international superstar Rihanna. The photo was taken during a Fenty event in California a few weeks ago, where Ndamase attended a launch hosted by Rihanna, the founder and CEO of the popular beauty brand.

Many attendees of the event took the opportunity to capture moments with Rihanna and shared them on their social media accounts. Ndamase posted a video of the event shortly after, which seemed to garner positive attention. However, her decision to re-share a still image she took with the singer has since stirred significant debate and backlash.

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Critics on social media accused Ndamase of altering her own appearance in the photo, potentially using editing tools to enhance her features, while leaving Rihanna untouched. This alleged editing choice sparked accusations that Ndamase was attempting to present herself as more beautiful than the international icon.

Online users did not hold back in expressing their opinions on the matter, with some calling Ndamase “mean” for trying to overshadow Rihanna. Many were quick to condemn the perceived manipulation of the photo, suggesting that it was an effort to elevate her own beauty at the expense of Rihanna’s natural look.

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In response to the controversy, some South Africans stood up for Ndamase, acknowledging her undeniable beauty but pointing out that editing the photo was unnecessary and exhibited “mean girl energy.” Critics also highlighted similar behavior from Ndamase in the past, noting a recurring pattern.

One Twitter user commented, “Lol what some people or stans don’t understand is that no one disputes that Mihlali is gorgeous with or without makeup. The real issue is how she edited her own pic and left Riri bare; that screamed mean girl energy. Same she did to Bonang a few years ago… @mihlalii_ you are gorgeous, sisi. There is no need to try to dim anyone’s light. Yours is bright enough because you are beautiful without trying.”

As the conversation around the photo continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Ndamase will address the situation. The influencer, known for her large following and influential presence, may need to navigate this situation carefully to maintain her reputation in the industry.


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