Nambitha Ben-Mazwi’s Excitement Over New Showmax Original Series “Empini”

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Nambitha Ben-Mazwi excited to be on new Showmax original series “Empini” (See trailer)

Nambitha Ben-Mazwi excited to be on new Showmax original series “Empini”.


South African actress Nambitha Ben-Mazwi has revealed her role in the upcoming Showmax original series titled Empini. This eagerly anticipated series showcases Ben-Mazwi in a complex and intriguing role that promises to captivate audiences.

Ben-Mazwi takes on the character of Ndomi Themba, a young woman with a traumatic past that drives her quest for vengeance. This portrayal allows Ben-Mazwi to explore a multifaceted character navigating a treacherous world while grappling with her intense emotions and personal demons.

“Real blood, real sweat, real tears have gone into the making of my latest offering, and I know God’s purpose is great with this one!” Ben-Mazwi stated, expressing her pride in her involvement with the show. “I am immensely proud to introduce you to Ndoni Themba, a deeply troubled young woman with a traumatic past who’s out for vengeance. She leads the pack in a male-dominated industry and is supported by heavyweights that I am honored to share the screen with.”

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Empini is a thrilling 52-episode drama set in the high-stakes world of private security. This action-packed series dives deep into the conflicts and challenges faced by its characters in a dangerous industry where alliances shift rapidly and betrayal is always a possibility.

The Showmax original series is set to premiere on 23 May 2024, with new episodes releasing every Thursday. Fans can expect intense performances and compelling storytelling as they follow the journey of Ndomi Themba and her struggle for justice.

With the upcoming premiere of Empini, Ben-Mazwi invites viewers to witness her powerful performance alongside a stellar cast, making the series a must-watch event. Watch the trailer below to catch a glimpse of the drama, action, and intrigue that Empini promises to deliver.




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